Sunday, January 19, 2020
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The MTR Team provides limited Audio-Visual equipment for rent to users of our facilities. 

The cost of equipment rental for events in the Calit2 Auditorium and Calit2 Theater--projector and microphones-- is included in the new bundled rates specified here.

  • Equipment is only rented or loaned to Calit2-approved projects or events
  • Removing the equipment from the Atkinson Hall building is not allowed
  • All rentals are short-term only
  • Inventory is limited, so availability is not guaranteed


Excluding the bundled-rate equipment, all other equipment used for MTR-supported events will be billed according to the price list below:

Recharge Equipment Rentals Rates

Equipment Description Internal Cost External Cost
Desktop Workstation $40 per day $58 per day
PC/Mac Laptop $20 per day $29 per day
HDV Portable Video Camera $15 per hour $22 per hour
Wired Microphone
$7 per day $10 per day
Wireless Microphone
$7 per hour $10 per hour
Small HD LCD Display (30" or less) $10 per day $15 per day
Large HD LCD Display (45" or more) $20 per hour $29 per hour
Portable Projector $25 per hour $36 per hour

The minumun charge is 15 minutes (0.25 hours).
Discounts negotiable for multiple hour/day rentals, up to one week.


Sample of Non-Recharge Equipment also available (by special arrangement)

Mixers, small/large, analog/digital

Audio Interfaces
Firewire multi-channel I/O devices

Media players
Videoconferencing systems

Webcasting equipment in the auditorium

 Visual Interfaces
Video Scalers/converters

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