Sunday, January 19, 2020
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HD Video Production


Oversee your next video project from start to finish in our full HD Video Production Facility that includes two studio spaces, a state-of-the-art control room, server room, audio recording booth, and video editing suite.

Video Production Rates

Internal External
Production staff (includes camera and operator) $85/hr $123/hr
HD Studio facility production $180/hr $391/hr
Senior Photographer $60/hr $87/hr
Junior Photographer $30/hr $44/hr
Video Editing $85/hr $123/hr
HD camera (no operator) $20/hr $29/hr








Internal: UC San Diego internal recharge index number required

External: non-UCSD clients paying directly through a check

HD Studio A

Begin your video shoot in the Main Studio.

HD Studio Production

Control lighting, audio and graphics in the Control Room.

HD Studio Server Room

Route audio and video signals in the Server Room.

HD Editing Station

Finish your project at any editing station in the Editing Suite.

For examples of our work, please take a look here.

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