Sunday, January 19, 2020
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HD Production Facility Features

CALIT2's HD Production Facility features the following state-of-the-art capabilities:

Main Studio

JVC HD Camera

JVC Professional HD Video Camera

- Records 1080i and 720p HD video

Sony PTZ HD Camera

Sony Remote PTZ HD Video Cameras

- Records 1080i and 720p HD video

- Remote-controllable from Control Room


Reconfigurable Lighting Grid

- Over twenty studio/theater lighting fixtures

- Spot, fluorescent, parnel and color LED lights.

- Controllable from Control Room console



- Import and display your own script

- Control the scroll speed live with USB wheel

Green Screen

Chroma-Key Technology

- Create live green screen effects


Curtain Track

Curtain Track

- Movable curtain track for backdrops

- Reconfigure studio space for your own set

Stage Right Risers

Reconfigurable Riser System

- Create tiered-seating arrangements

- Build platforms for performances

Control Room

Kaleido Alto

Miranda Kaleido Alto Display Processor

- Displays all incoming camera feeds

- Monitor your live recording session

- Preview computer graphics and overlays

HD Video Switcher

HD Video Switcher

- Control up to 10 discrete video channels

- Create chroma key and mask effects


Sony PTZ Remote Control


Sony PTZ Camera Remote Control

- Control up to 2 Sony Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras

- Multi-camera shoot with a single operator

ClearCom Intercom

2-Way Intercom System

- Communicate with your production crew

- Coordinate cues more effectively

- Connects to all rooms in Production Facility


Yamaha DM1000

Yamaha DM1000 Audio Mixer

- Control and route microphone signals

- Monitor audio signals from any room

Strand Lighting Console

Strand Lighting Console

- Control lighting fixtures in studio

- Programmable lighting cues

- RGB color mixing with L.E.D. lights

Compix Computer Graphics Station

Computer Graphics Station

- Create motion graphics and overlays

- Cue and playback saved graphics

Server Room

GVS NAS Server

Network Attached Storage (NAS) System

- 12 Terabytes of storage

- Can record over 120 hours of HD video

- Accessible from all Editing Suite computers

Video Patch Bay

Audio - Video Patch Panels

- Route any signal to any facility equipment

- Duplicate signals with distribution amps

- Extremely flexible system

Streaming Video

HD Streaming Technologies

- We provide a variety of HD streaming tools

- Choose high or low-bandwidth options

- From 2 to 1500 Mbits/sec

Editing Suite

Dell Precision

PC Windows 7 Editing Stations

- Equipped with Adobe CC Master Collection

- Uses (2) 24" LCD screens at 1920 x 1200

- 4K editing capable


Mitsubishi HD Projector

HD Video Projector

- Screen works-in-progress

- Duplicate any monitor onto large projection


Genelec Speaker

Genelec Surround Sound System

- 5 Genelec speakers and 1 subwoofer


Audio Recording Booth
Vocal Mic

Sound-Proof Environment

- Acoustically treated

- Reduced ambient noise and reflections

- Create high-quality voice recordings

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