Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Conference Room Support

The audio-visual systems in the Atkinson Hall conference rooms are self-service. Operating the user-friendly equipment is a responsibility of the meeting organizer.

After you have reserved a conference room in Atkinson Hall (or here for building residents),
please refer to the User Quick-Guide instructions for using the AV systems:

Video and Audio Tele-conference
(IP and phone number info included)







Room 2004   [ view | print ]
Rooms 1309, 2006, 3006, 3010, 4010, 5006, 6006 and 6010 only have large 50" displays.
Use the provided VGA cable to connect your laptop--outputing video to the external monitor port--and make sure that the display is on the right input.
Room 3004   [ view | print ]
Room 4004   [ view | print ]
Room 5004   [ view | print ]
Room 5302   [ view | print ]
Room 6004   [ view | print ]

You will need Adobe Reader in order to view the User QuickGuides

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Videoteleconference (VTC) equipment, FAQs:

- Can the audio/video from videoconference meetings be recorded?
   No. Unfortunately, we do not have the expensive extra equipment required for recording.

- Can the systems accept regular phone calls?
   Yes. The system will accept one phone call only, to be combined with the video if desired. For more than one telephone caller, an external phone bridge service has to be used. More info here.

- Are the systems IP or ISDN based?
   All VTC systems operate exclusively on IP protocols (H.323). ISDN-based (H.320) calls are not supported.

- Can the remote participant show computer content from their side?
   Yes, as long as their system support dual-stream, video + computer (known as H.239 standard) transmission. All our systems have that capability.

- How many sites can be connected in a videoconference meeting?
   The systems will support up to six sites, including the local participants.


Still having trouble?  Please notify a member of the Media Technology Resources team here.

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